Friday, September 19, 2014

More upcoming Training Rides

Roundabout Century 2014:  Training Schedule
To sign-up for the training rides, please email Gillian (  Go ahead and mark them on your calendar and sign-up today! 

Mid-Week Training Rides: 
Every Thursday evening after work beginning Thursday, Sept 18 - Thurs, Oct 30.  Approx 20 mile ride.  Leave at 6pm.  Departure locations will vary. (Be sure to email Gillian to sign-up).

Weekend (Saturday or Sunday) Long Rides:
Sunday, Sept 14, Gillian will lead a “nice and easy” 30 mile ride. Meet at Logan Circle at 10am departure.  (Done)
Saturday, Sept 21, Gillian will lead a training ride along with the Bike Rack Saturday Group ride.  It’s a 30 mile ride leaving at 10am from the Bike Rack.  (Bike Rack is a supporter and sponsor of Roundabout Century!)  Leave 10am from the Bike Rack.  Finish by 12:30.  (We can add 10 more miles at the end to make it a 40 mile ride!) (Done)
Sunday, Sept 28, Join a training ride for 50 miles.  Leaving from Logan Circle at 9am. (Done)
Sat/Sun, Oct 5/6:  Training ride - 60 mile ride.  Details to come. (Done)
Sunday, Oct 12th.  Matt will lead the training ride.  AKA the “Trails you don’t know about” training ride. (Done)
Sat/Sun, Oct 18/19:  Training ride - 70 mile ride. Details to come. (Rescheduled to Oct 25).
Saturday, Oct 25, Matt leads the “Famous Beer Brewery” training ride.  This one is NOT to be missed!!  Leaving from Logan Circle, 8am.
EVENT:  Saturday, November 1:  Roundabout Century!!
To sign-up for any and all training rides, email Gillian Cook,

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