Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cycling Skills: Riding in the cooler weather - Clothing

The leaves are turning and the temps are all over the place. On Saturday it's expected to be in the 70's and tonight the lows will be in the 40's.

For cycling, the cooler temps really can make for some ideal cycling.  The mornings can start out a bit cooler, but after a couple miles of pedaling, you'll be warmed up and removing that top layer.

And that's the point, be sure to layer your bike clothing this time of year.

Here are a couple of videos with some food for thought:  The first video is for cooler weather and the second video for cooler and colder weather.  Of course, you'll want to know your own best method that works for you but there might be some info here to consider.  And, talk to the folks at The Bike Rack for some additional great ideas and products to keep you riding comfortably.

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