Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday's Training Ride: Oct 12 - Matt's "Trails U Don't Know About" Ride

What a great training route Matt developed! The "Trails you don't know about" training ride.  Riding trails in DC, MD and VA totaling just over 60 miles leaving from Logan Circle, DC.  We rode at least 15 different trails. How cool is that. The ride really makes you appreciate how many great biking trails there are in the area.  It does also make you want to see that connecting trail aka "The Missing Link" on the Anacostia Tributary trail get finished.  We had a fun adventure for sure!  Next year's route will include even more connecting trails!

Why are we training?  We are riding in the upcoming Roundabout Century supporting Calvary Women's Services.  100% of every dollar raised is an investment directly to Calvary. We are pedaling with a purpose!  Want to join us? You can register here.  Your registration fee is a donation directly to Calvary Women's Services.

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